Holidays are good

I’ve just returned from an amazing few days away in Sherwood Forest. It was just magical.

Waking up surrounded by trees, being greeted by a squirrel in the morning. It was just wonderful.

For anyone who works it is really important to take regular breaks from work. It’s an added bonus if you can also change scenery during these breaks.

In jobs like mine, full of stress and people’s emotions, it’s really important to give yourself time to take a step back from that and look after yourself.

I know holidays are not something that everyone can afford, but never feel guilty for saving for them and going. Whether you are working or not, a change of scenery is important if you can manage it.

Over the years I’ve found ways of having holidays that are cheaper. I’ve stayed with friends in different parts of the country or undertaken volunteering. There are ways to manage a break without huge expense.

However you manage your breaks, make sure you spend time with people you love and relax. It helps you manage work better as well as life generally.

Self care through breaks, nature and changing your surroundings!

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