Scope open letter

Join me and sign @Scope’s open letter to the Prime Minister. The Government must not forget disability equality in the recovery plan, during the pandemic and beyond 📢 Together disabled people #WontBeForgotten Disabled access and equality has been shelved. Access and equality is a right not a privilege. Please see a copy of the... Continue Reading →

The forgotten law

Wow! What a few months we have seen since March 2020. Our worlds were all changed and threatened by a virus gone rogue. It posed a threat not seen in a century and I am unsure life will ever be quite the same again. Whilst inevitably there will be some excellent changes that come to... Continue Reading →

Taxing disabled 04 August 2020

News broke last week that Rishi Sunak was considering a tax on online shopping to help the high street. This caused outcry from a number of businesses(, and clearly the tax will be passed on to consumers. He therefore missed something more than the implication to businesses/consumers, he missed out his duties under the Equality Act.... Continue Reading →

Update to Why am I here?

So, I wrote in extensive detail four years ago about purpose. I then didn't write much more. There is a reason… I went to university in 2016, it was amazing and I loved it. I also met the love of my life in the same year. Life was a bit busy working full time, studying... Continue Reading →

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