Update to Why am I here?

So, I wrote in extensive detail four years ago about purpose. I then didn’t write much more. There is a reason…

I went to university in 2016, it was amazing and I loved it. I also met the love of my life in the same year. Life was a bit busy working full time, studying full time and being in a new relationship. Life is also amazing and I didn’t get much further with writing a blog!

I graduated in 2017, went on a holiday of a lifetime with my lover, and started my dream job.

In 2018, life dramatically changed! Illnesses that had been ignored by medical professionals, suddenly came to force rather quickly. I became disabled.

I then had a number of fights and readjustments to get back to some form of usual life. I also had to re-adjust to life in a different way.

My purpose changed and that’s okay. I adapted to a different life and lifestyle quite quickly. However, this did bring learning and frustration. I am likely to share that going forwards in this blog.

Our relationship continued going from strength to strength and we have plans for a big wedding in 2021. Covid happened which cancelled the 2020 weddings we had planned!

I am now a part-time wheelchair user, full-time mobility aid user and have been navigating work, disability, politics and life. I am sure you will find out more about my experiences through reading future blogs.

I hope that future writings will be funny, informative, thought-provoking and a little bit educational. Enjoy 

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