Choose your venue wisely

I doubt very much the people who need to see this will, but hopefully someone will and pass it on. I am a HUGE music fan, especially live music. I also love the theatre especially musicals. If I can see it live I will (usually more than once). Once I’m a fan I will keep... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day 2021

I’m not vulnerable because I’m a disabled woman, I’m vulnerable because.... Inspired by @BlondeHistorian and @GinnyAndT many disabled women are answering the above statement on Twitter with their experiences. (See also hashtags of #NotVulnerableIWD #IWD21 and #ChooseToChallenge). I wanted to write slightly more than Twitter will allow me, so many thanks for the inspiration for... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day

Or Single Awareness Day!! As someone with a partner, Valentine’s Day is ok, but a very commercialised celebration. We do give each other a card, but rarely celebrate hugely. We don’t need a special day to declare our love, we do that every day! It can be very hard to be single with so many... Continue Reading →

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