Oh what a night

So yesterday (23/09/20) I was involved in a webinar for social work students, practitioners and academics. The topic was models of disability and it was an enlightening webinar.

I enjoyed the look at some of the models of disability, including the gift, charity and tragedy models. Interesting to see how disabled people’s preferred model (the social model of disability) is simply not adopted fully across social work, despite many social workers thinking they are using it. (That was such a great reminder, thanks Siobhan Maclean).

What I enjoyed most was being able to be very proudly and openly a disabled social worker. It was so exciting that there are people that want to learn and understand and together improve social work for everyone.

There’s a way to go for social work to be accessible and inclusive but yesterday was at least a start. More people know to learn from disabled people and more people can think about asking people about their accessibility needs.

We will slowly change the rhetoric from disabled people solely being service users, to disabled social workers forming a key part of social work practice, decision making, teaching and leadership.

Watch out here we come.

Please watch here

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