Choose your venue wisely

I doubt very much the people who need to see this will, but hopefully someone will and pass it on. I am a HUGE music fan, especially live music. I also love the theatre especially musicals. If I can see it live I will (usually more than once). Once I’m a fan I will keep... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day

Or Single Awareness Day!! As someone with a partner, Valentine’s Day is ok, but a very commercialised celebration. We do give each other a card, but rarely celebrate hugely. We don’t need a special day to declare our love, we do that every day! It can be very hard to be single with so many... Continue Reading →

Accessible Advent

Over on Twitter a number of disabled people are doing their accessible advent. Naming things that would make life accessible for them. As someone who isn’t always great at managing to keep up with these social media things, I thought I could put mine together in a blog post instead. Here is my #AccessibleAdvent: 1)... Continue Reading →

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