Post referendum thoughts

I’m sure people have written this better, but here are my thoughts….

My Facebook feed, the news, everything I see seems to be full of hate, division and world-ending doom today. I get that people are p****d off about the referendum, and I totally get that people are worried and scared about what might or might not happen next. We have been lied to by people on both sides. We are all in a state of shock. Some people feel they have won, and others that they have lost. Everyone is entitled to their views, their feelings, and the freedom to speak out. Whether we agree or not, we are in a turbulent time of change and uncertainty.

What I don’t get is hate on hate, the slinging matches that are happening around me. Surely this division of the ordinary people, the proletariat, is exactly what the people in power want? With hatred and division comes the rise of power that plays on people’s fear and difference, and then it gets really messy. We have witnessed this throughout history, may we never have to witness this again.

Maybe I’m a misguided idealist in this world, maybe I’m just naive, but what if we use the passion we feel, the unfairness we experience, our frustrations and our fear to join together and look for that which is similar? Could we actually find power within the people to alter the future and move towards more progressive ways of living, united in our humanity?

I might be writing this too early, while everyone is still raw and in shock from what has happened, so I apologise if I offend, that is not my intention. Our reactions are witnessed the world over, and everyone is watching to see what will happen next, including us. What if we turned our feelings towards those in power, be it political, economic or whatever power, instead of against each other? Society as a whole will not move forward whilst we demonise the differences between us. We need to understand the atrocities that have happened in the past when we have been divided, for example by race, religion, gender, culture, sexuality, greed (this list could go on and on). I never want that to happen again, not in my name.

My plea is that we can try to get through this time together, we can try to become the louder voice collectively, we can try to create change that the next generation will be proud of and not despise us for, we can try to understand how each other might be feeling and respond with understanding and acceptance. Maybe I am naive, but maybe I would rather hold on to some form of hope. We cannot make a difference when we are divided, that is my thoughts.

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