Social Work Action Group

I am so excited to say I’ve become the disability rep for the Social Work Action Group. I found SWAG this year and immediately found people who shared my passion for seeing change in social work. An amazing mix of people with personal/lived experience of social work, students, academics and social workers joining together. We... Continue Reading →

Long Covid shouldn’t be a surprise.

Long covid should not be a surprise to the medical profession. Or anyone. We have had ME/CFS* as a diagnosis for many many years and it is (I believe more often than not) an illness that happens post virally. We have all this knowledge about ME/CFS as a post viral illness, so why oh why... Continue Reading →

Holidays are good

I’ve just returned from an amazing few days away in Sherwood Forest. It was just magical. Waking up surrounded by trees, being greeted by a squirrel in the morning. It was just wonderful. For anyone who works it is really important to take regular breaks from work. It’s an added bonus if you can also... Continue Reading →

Oh what a night

So yesterday (23/09/20) I was involved in a webinar for social work students, practitioners and academics. The topic was models of disability and it was an enlightening webinar. I enjoyed the look at some of the models of disability, including the gift, charity and tragedy models. Interesting to see how disabled people’s preferred model (the... Continue Reading →

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