Oh what a night

So yesterday (23/09/20) I was involved in a webinar for social work students, practitioners and academics. The topic was models of disability and it was an enlightening webinar. I enjoyed the look at some of the models of disability, including the gift, charity and tragedy models. Interesting to see how disabled people’s preferred model (the... Continue Reading →

Letter to my MP

This letter was written in response to my MP voting against the motion to employ the recommendations from the Grenfell inquiry. This would have put building regulations in place so that such disasters would not happen again. "Sir, I am absolutely appalled that you voted against the recommendations from the Grenfell inquiry. The survivors and... Continue Reading →

Scope open letter

Join me and sign @Scope’s open letter to the Prime Minister. The Government must not forget disability equality in the recovery plan, during the pandemic and beyond 📢 Together disabled people #WontBeForgotten https://bit.ly/38FS8MU Disabled access and equality has been shelved. Access and equality is a right not a privilege. Please see a copy of the... Continue Reading →

The forgotten law

Wow! What a few months we have seen since March 2020. Our worlds were all changed and threatened by a virus gone rogue. It posed a threat not seen in a century and I am unsure life will ever be quite the same again. Whilst inevitably there will be some excellent changes that come to... Continue Reading →

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